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Magic Finish by Cul-Mac Industries, Inc.

Foaming Conditioner

Reflections Conditioner

Unique low pH high foaming clear coat conditioner containing a blend of deep penetrating surfactants, boosters and brighteners. Rich lather and customer pleasing “Cotton Candy Scent.” Available in three bright colors.

Conditioner Blue                  Conditioner Red                  Conditioner Yellow
4452CC 5 Gal.                    4456CC 5 Gal.                      4460CC 5 Gal.
4454CC 30 Gal.                  4458CC 30 Gal.                    4462CC 30 Gal.
4455CC 55 Gal.                  4459CC 55 Gal.                    4463CC 55 Gal.