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Magic Finish by Cul-Mac Industries, Inc.

Foaming Polish Protectant

Super Foaming Kleer Kote

Super Foaming Kleer Kote is a high beading, scented foaming polish. Designed to preserve and enhance clear-coat finishes. Provides a highly visible glossy appearance and protective coating. Put on an awesome ‘show’ with vivid colors and rich customer pleasing scent! Available in several colors.

Kleer Kote Blue          Kleer Kote Green           Kleer Kote Red          Kleer Kote Yellow      Kleer Kote White
4428FS 5 Gal.              4432FS 5 Gal.                      4436FS 5 Gal.                   4440Fs 5 Gal.              4444FS 5 Gal.
4430FS 30 Gal.           4434FS 30 Gal.                   4438FS 30 Gal.                4442FS 30 Gal.             4446FS 30 Gal.
4431FS 55 Gal.             435FS 55 Gal.                    4439FS 55 Gal.                 4443FS 55 Gal.             4447 FS 55 Gal.