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Magic Finish by Cul-Mac Industries, Inc.

Low pH Acidic Presoaks

Shockwave HF

The hardest cleaning situations are no match for this lo pH pre-soak. Shockwave HF contains a powerful acid combination and detergent blend that effectively cleans the toughest road grime, mineral build-up and oxidation from glass, aluminum, chrome and paint. Use this product as the first pass in a 2-step low pH/high pH touchless wash process for best results. Contains Hydrofluoric Acid.

  • 4010 5 Gal.
  • 4012 30 Gal.
  • 4013 55 Gal.

Shockwave Lo pH Pro

Specifically formulated for use as the first stage cleaning solution in two step low pH/high pH wash applications. New safe non-HF technology is excellent for aiding in the removal of oil, dirt, road film and windshield masks. Shockwave also conforms to the current phosphate laws now active in many states and municipalities.

  • 4240 5 Gal.
  • 4242 30 Gal.
  • 4243 55 Gal.

Power Bolt

Our original low pH high power formula developed specifically for use as the low pH presoak in the two step low pH/ high pH touchless wash process. Superior removal of road film and windshield mask. Great foam show and refreshing “Lemon Scent” for increased customer appeal. One of the best in our high quality line of touchless low pH presoaks.

  • 4026 5 Gal.
  • 4028 30 Gal.
  • 4029 55 Gal.

Lightning 2X

Lightning 2X is a potent, highly acidic, “Lemon Scented” liquid designed for use in foamers or as the first step in your two-step wash system. Less aggressive on equipment and floors.

  • 4034 5 Gal.
  • 4036 30 Gal.
  • 4037 55 Gal.

Citri-Blend Lo pH Shampoo

Creates a creamy thick lather that lubricates and cleans while lowering the pH on the car to aid in the drying process. This low pH shampoo is especially good for cleaning and shining chrome and glass. Has a “Citrus Scent.”

  • 5881 5 Gal.
  • 5880 30 Gal.
  • 5887 55 Gal.


Formulated as a premium, optimum foaming, acidic detergent for use in tunnels, hybrids and rollovers. Fantastic cling and lubricating foam with an aggressive but pleasing “Citrus Scent.” This is our premium lubricating detergent blend designed for very low usage rates.

  • 4045 5 Gal.
  • 4047 30 Gal.
  • 4048 55 Gal.

Impact 100

Formulated as a premium acidic detergent for use in friction automatics, cloth or foam tunnels. Fantastic clinging foam and the lubricity needed to keep your wraps and mitters cleaning up to their potential.

  • 4018 5 Gal.
  • 4020 30 Gal.
  • 4021 55 Gal.