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Magic Finish by Cul-Mac Industries, Inc.

About Us

Cul-Mac Industries, Inc. established operations in 1981 making windshield washer solvent, gas line and Recreational Vehicle antifreeze. Cul-Mac, quickly became one of the largest manufacturers of automotive chemicals in the Midwest. In 1986 Cul-Mac expanded by joining forces with Kimco Janitorial. Together they began production of a complete line of professional cleaning products. In 1991 under the name Tech Group, Cul-Mac Industries, Inc. expanded by introducing a comprehensive new line of car wash cleaning chemicals to the automatic car wash industry. The Tech Group line of premium quality car wash chemicals became one of America’s most popular brands with sales throughout North America.

Another expansion of Cul-Mac, came in 1996, when the production of swimming pool chemicals began. The addition of swimming pool chemicals resulted in distribution across the Midwest. In addition to the Cul-Mac Brands, we also cater to private label cleaning products. Cul-Mac Industries is proud to supply some of America’s largest corporations with their private label cleaning chemicals.

In 2007, Cul-Mac Industries acquired, Standhardt Chemical, a Grand Rapids, Michigan based company. Standhardt Chemical sold car wash cleaning chemical under the Magic Finish name. After Cul-Mac  acquired Standhardt Chemical; the decision was made to market all car wash products under the Magic Finish name. The Magic Finish line of car wash and detail chemicals is known for its superior formulations and effectiveness.

Since beginning operations in 1981, Cul-Mac Industries Inc. has exceeded customer demands by providing high quality products at an exceptional value, along with providing superior customer service. Cul-Mac Industries, Inc. is conveniently located north of Detroit Metropolitan Airport on 18 acres in the city of Wayne, Michigan. Cul-Mac currently occupies over 190,000 square feet of mixed manufacturing and warehousing. Our facility is capable of manufacturing over 200 proprietary formulations packaged in sizes ranging for two ounces up to 500 gallons.