ACE Chemical

Selling chemical by explaining all of the various products all at once can scare your customer off. If you take the time to list each item and what they do, the customer begins adding all of the prices in his head and starts to suffer sticker shock. Instead, follow these guidelines for most your customers and they will not be intimidated. When your customer asks “What do I need” respond by handing him a bottle of premium cleaner. Explain that it does 6 jobs in 1.

Change the subject away from chemical and talk about the machine or rental form. After a few minutes ask if the customer has any spots or stains or worn down high traffic areas. If the answer is yes, hand him a bottle of Prespotter. Once again change the conversation away from chemical. Before the customer walks out, explain that by using Carpet Spot and Stain Cleaner in-between cleanings they won’t have to clean with a machine as often. Let them know that the Carpet Spot and Stain Cleaner will not harm StainMaster carpeting and it will not interfere with a future machine cleaning. Follow this procedure and you will sell 3 bottles to a customer who probably would have only bought a regular cleaner. Listen carefully to what your customer says about their cleaning project. If they mention pets, there is a good chance they need the Pet Stain Odor Eliminator.  If they talk about spills or stains recommend the Spot & Stain Remover, etc. Take a look at the attached list to see how each of these products are used.


Six distinct features set this premium formulation apart from others. In one simple step, its 6-in-1 formulation (1) cleans and restores carpets, (2) emulsifies oily dirt, (3) controls static electricity, (4) deodorizes, (5) defoams and (6) helps repel oil and dirt. Designed for use in all carpet extraction machines.

ACE #19224 – 64 oz.      ACE #19225 – 128 oz


Oxygen cleaning boosters make this product very effective in dissolving and removing greasy/oily dirt found in carpets. Brightens carpet while removing tough stains and odors. Designed for use in all carpet extraction machines.

ACE #1514587 – 64 oz.      ACE #1514595 – 128 oz.


Totally eliminates pet stains and odors at the source. Packed with enzymes and microbes that act like knives and forks  to digest pet stains make this a must for any household with problem pets.

ACE #1514629 – 24 oz


Loosens stubborn stains in heavily soiled traffic areas. This product is easy to use and is a must for any thorough carpet cleaning job.

ACE #1514611 – 24 oz.


For use on carpets and upholstery. Perfect for everyday use between carpet cleanings. Works on old and new spots. Removes stains caused by coffee, blood, food, pets and more.

ACE #1514603 – 24 oz. Spray Bottle