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Magic Finish by Cul-Mac Industries, Inc.

Truck Wash


Our original low pH High Power formula developed specifically for use as the low pH presoak in the two step low pH/High pH touchless wash process. Superior removal of road film and windshield mask. Great foam show and refreshing lemony scent for increased customer appeal. One of the best in our high quality line of touchless low pH presoaks.


This highly versatile, non-phosphated liquid has been designed primarily for touchless applications covering a wide range of extreme temperature variations. Should be used as a single step or second step in your two-step low pH/high pH touch-free wash process. This item has been designed to handle the toughest of road film!

PIT stop truck wash

An absolutely unique combination of all new ingredients making it remarkably safe and strong. A must for all truck wash operators as this item is safe to use on all surfaces.


Has great foaming capability and super cleaning power. Use to remove tree sap, bugs and road film. Apply “on line” through a foamer and/or in a prep gun application. Amber color.


A new method in detergent technology with unsurpassed cleaning power! This liquid was designed to be used as a single-step detergent or as the second step in a standard two-step touchless wash process.


Newly developed Industrial Strength Aluminum Cleaner/Brightener fortified with non-corrosive ingredients. Streak free formula strips oxidation, removes road soils, grease, oil and exhaust film from aluminum and stainless surfaces. Restores luster and contains no dangerous Hydrofluoric or Hydrochloric acids.


Advanced acidic wheel cleaner cuts through the toughest of brake dust. Great for use as an extra service sale through your CTA. May also be used in truck washes for brightening of aluminum tanks.


Designed for use on all RVs, fifth wheels, mobile homes and aluminum siding. Cleans and brightens weathered aluminum and removes those nasty black streaks. Safe on all surfaces when used as directed.


Our strongest degreaser. Developed to work on the toughest grease. From heavy-duty to light cleaning, Clean & Mean can effectively remove grease, dirt, oil, tar and wax buildup from almost any surface. Great on floors, walls, machinery, workbenches, tools and engines. This SUPER versatile and economical cleaner is biodegradable, non-abrasive and non-flammable. Purple color.